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Hi, e, i ` m 20, I thought I would share with you my introduction to xnnx black -colored tail. I was at the University of Cardiff, was only a year, but this happened towards the end of my stay there. I and some friends used to go regularly xnnx every Monday. That was just a normal start to dance and drink a little. Let me add that I have a friend home and also a loving home and was back. Often, if it were, would have to drink, the better for me and would end there with a guy at random to my room I see a damn good that I would say, my beloved ! There was a quiet night and only went home, when I refer to my friends at the bar, while separated. I'm talking about a good -looking black man, Carl, at the bar, I decided to stay a little longer, so go to my friends home. We were dancing around and, of course, ended up kissing and really hot at the end of the night and reached the curiosity was stronger than WOT I say, so I invited him to mine. whites told me he had returned xnnx a few mates, he was with him before and it would be nice to have a drink again ? I was reluctant, but he convinced me and we met with Steve and Rob, who appeared again. They were also black men, all 20 of the late thirties. went back and made ​​me drink flows. We listen to music while sipping Carl kissed me on the front of the other two, as a drink or two I became a very hot girl ! So I went with the flow and somehow ended up xnnx with just the pants and bra. The xnnx xnnx three of xnnx them have been encouraging my disposal. I told them I was not just naked in my own being so agreed, if they were. He quickly pulled out his jaw and nearly on the floor! I've never seen a cock so xnnx big, let alone three together ! Carl was the largest when it is full of about 11 centimeters and round like a can of wax, then Rob was about 9 and about 8 Steve I wasted xnnx no time, Getting the rest of my clothes, I had this little Charles had his hand between my legs, only to find my clitoris is performed immediately waved me on Rob suck his cock, is not something I normally do. At first I wanted was sitting and watching Steve masturbates while xnnx this was goin on. I struggled to adapt to a lot of Rob in your mouth. Steve came up and stood, he and Carl the two fingers in me, I do not know how many fingers come to me or how many times I have had mini orgasms while this was achieved. Steve was between my legs and I started the best head he xnnx had ever received. This led me to my first real orgasm explosion in the same time as Rob in my mouth. Rob went and sat down with Carl and now has a drink while watching yet. Steve has positioned me well lubricated opening. That's it, I thought, my first black. Then he began to push, I felt a great advantage to keep xnnx open for me, I felt so good to me spreading like never before, then his the head in. He began then draw back, step by step, there were about six inches deeper, and it was not goin. He took off again at full and repeated several times, each shot is a little deeper. Then I felt it, his balls on the cheeks of my ass, it completely ! I xnnx was amazed when he came more and faster than fuck like never started before, I've been three times in about 5 minutes before I was addicted to speed and, before I really felt that his sperm is injected in me a great power. feel is a wonderful feeling ! He lay on me for a minute until he got up and walked away from me. When it felt like my pussy is not closed, there was only as wide as it was when he was there, Rob wasted no time and Atall was there. It happened very fast, and after a few violent crisis that was up to the hilt as well. Rob took a lot longer than it already cum in my mouth. He put my ankles over my shoulder and gave it to me hard and fast for about 15 minutesminutes, I found again and again. Then I felt tense and published his sperm deep inside my little hole, when he retired I felt the drool of semen in my ass. Now was my turn to Carl, who stood over me, over the shoulders to the ankles. Then he started to push my hole now taut. Even with all the guts he had lubricant inside me knew that this would be a struggle, and it was. I reached down and grabbed my pussy open so I could then I felt to start looking. I could feel the walls xnnx of my pussy with incredibly tense. He crawled slowly, even in these there were only about 3 inches to go left and go all in. He had found sanctuary. I told him to try, said in all, I do not care too flat ! So he started to fuck me hard, after 5 minutes of this, it was tough screws to the bottom! seemed to walk what seemed like an eternity, I said in the queue. Then finally came deep insime, and he was charged. I cried it was so good, WOT my roommate thought I do not know. Over the next three hours I got well and truly fucked. To accompany me and even managed to get his freak on my ass too! With a big black cock in every hole at the same xnnx time it feels great ! A about five and a half, when he had to go clean the kids. It made ​​me run with him in bed with my semen from the two holes, as someone knocked on my door. I stood up and threw his coat and headed for the door. He was one of my colleagues to see if I was ready for college. As I said, then she saw me in my legs and back to me. I told him I would not be the day that I was too tired, she said she could not hear anything last night, with a wink and turned around and went wawy. I closed the door and returned to xnnx my room. He looked in the mirror I noticed my hair was a mess, my eyes looked like a panda, and I had a lot of semen ran my legs. looking back to the door, I saw a large puddle where he had been standing in a conversation with my friend.... woops I spent the day in bed and was playing with myself thinking WOT happened was when I was anxious to open as much as I could with my hand in the hole, I realized that way! When my friend returned that night he asked if he would be back that night, as they did, in fact, already had a good time considering the amount of sperm that was trickling down my legs looked this morning! However, I forgot to get the numbers, so we went that night to try to find, but without success. I'm back home I live with my lover, with whom I was busy, now I'm addicted to black cock and there are several, but none as good as the first night. I return to Cardiff in a month or so, and I find these guys and me another good stretch, maybe you try, 2 in me again. My boyfriend thinks I 'm going to see friends, if he only knew of WOT I had in mind! I been made ​​!
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